Yahoo plan to resign 20 percent

Yahoo plan to resign 20 percent

Yahoo is not going to well for the moment

Technology blog Techcrunch said in a statement that Yahoo is planning to cut its workforce by 20 percent. Techcrunch quoted this on a sources said to be close to the negotiations.

The company has denied the rumor about 20 percent, but acknowledged that the negotiation of cost reduction is discussed.

Yahoo says the following.
– We are always considering cuts to meet our financial goals. But that we are planning to reduce our workforce by 20 percent is not true “says the spokeswoman, Dana Lengkeek.

Wall Street Journal says that the U.S. internet company AOL is interested in buying up the company. Analysts are however critical to this.
– A merger with AOL is a way to tie the two rocks and try to get them to float, “said Dan Olds of Gabriel Consulting Group analyst.