Windows WebChoice have been a success for some

The downloads of the Norwegian browser Opera has tripled since Microsoft started with their Windows WebChoice.

Norwegian Opera Software says that the number of downloads of its browser has tripled since Microsoft’s Web-choise was introduced a week ago.

It differs from country to country, where the largest increase, mainly are in Belgium, France, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom, says Opera’s leadership.

Opera also indicate that the number of downloads from the browser election far exceeds the increase as a result, Opera 10.5 was released in sharp version on Thursday last week.

Opera has compared the number of downloads from previous launches of the Opera and the large increase, is larger than what is normally done when the new version of the browser, is released.

Browser choice is an update from Microsoft sent to European users of Windows. This feature offers users to download any browser from any of the major competitors in the market. If this is you can read in one of my previous post.