Web Browser is not Microsoft’s melody any longer

Web Browser is not Microsoft’s melody any longer

Microsoft Web Browser seems to lose the war

Is not any secret that internet explorer and Microsoft’s new Web Browser, Edge have had a big problem to established any top position on the browser market.

The Analytic company, Net Application that is periodically doing measurements to how we act and use the internet. And the last rapport showing that Microsoft’s browsers are now down to 26,2 percent.

And it’s Still losing market share, but it looks like it has begun to stall. The latest measurements have shown that the proportion of users decreased by 1.9 percent, followed by 1.8 and later 1.5 per cent. Suggesting that drop seems to have stabilised.

So is 26,2 percent not enough?

No, it’s not, for the first, there is not any browser that has lost so much in such short time. Second, we need to have in mind that is around 85-90 percent of the user that are on Windows.

Windows user gets the browser preinstalled with Windows, and still the download another browser to use.

So why are users leaving Microsoft browsers?

Many believe that the reason that users started to abandon Microsoft’s browsers was Microsoft’s fault.

The decision that came in January 2016 to removed the support function for all versions except IE11 and Edge. Forced users to update to a later version, upgrade to Windows 10 and Edge or switch to a competitor. And it’s seemed that many choose the last option.web browser chrome

So what web browser are we using then?

Google Chrome is the big winner; the browser climbs to 56.4 percent, which is a record. Mozilla Firefox fought his way up to 12.2 percent. They have found it difficult to retain the users, and the market shares were on the way down earlier in 2016. But it late summer it turned, and Firefox has started too recovered.