Many vulnerabilities in the Android

Many vulnerabilities in the Android

Android have problem with vulnerabilities in their system

Coverity have investigated the Android core and found a large number of vulnerabilities, and several of them are serious.

In cooperation with Homeland Security. Have the company Coverity analyzed 61 million lines of open source inĀ  PHP, Linux, Samba and Android.

And in Android have 359 flaws in the code been found. Roughly a quarter of these are serious nature and pose potential safety deficiencies.

The version of Android-core that have been investigated is 2.6.32 (“Froyo”). How it looks like in previous versions of Android’s is hard to say.

Coverity also say that the number of lines on a lack of Android is higher than average, and considering that the proportion of “high risk” flaws are relatively high.

In a statement from Andy Chou, director of research at Coverity.
– A significant number of these are of a high risk that our customers often resolves before the products reach the market.

We believe that highlighting these risks proactively provide developers and vendors the opportunity to remedy those deficiencies before they become a problem.