US Navy use unlicensed software

US Navy use unlicensed software

US Navy are in trouble after installed unlicensed software.

It has become a real disappointment for US Navy and is not a small one either. The German Company Bitmanagements, creator of the software, BS Contact Geo*, the German company, have taken them to court, and demand a compensation of 600 million dollars for use their software unlicensed.

* BS Contact Geo enables the visualization of geographic information in third-party hardware and software products

US Navy bought 38 License…

… But they have used it on 550,000 computers. US Navy have admitted that they have installed the software on more computers. But mean that the did not know that they need a license for each computer. And everything has been done with Bitmanagements approval.

It’s a joke. Nobody should tell us that the Tech guys on US Navy don’t know how license for software was working. They have bought 38 licenses and installed it on the part of their network, totally 550,000 computers.

The Navy means that it’s easier to install it on their system. And again pointed out that the software company have been aware of this, and approve it.

It’s something that Bitmanagements do not agree with, and have therefore taken them to court.

So, what will happen now?

Personally, I hope that they will be forced to pay, like everybody else. In the US they hunting everything that has to do with copyright.

Nobody has missed the time and money they spent on tracking sites and person that are into file sharing (torrents).

And then the Navy, under the government are worse than anybody else. I mean 38 licenses to 550,000 computers. It’s 549,962 illegal installations.

It will most likely end with a settlement between the company and the Navy. But for sure, any other company that sold software to US Navy will check how they are using their licenses.