Smatphones for Talibans is, iPhones.

Departmenten of defends worldwide are concern about the Talibans in Afghanistan starting to use smart phones like the iPhone.

The Taliban once again started to gain ground in Afghanistan.
According to Matt Yanopoilos of the Australian Department of Defence and he claims that this is because the Taliban have begun to invest in modern information technology.

Matt Yanopoilos says that the Taliban use the iPhone and various apps to collect relevant data.

It is well known that the Taliban, like Apple’s mobile. A year ago you could read that Mullah Zaif (known Taliban) used his iPhone to all sorts of things, Mullah Zaif should have said “it is easy to use and modern and I love it”

U.S. Army has now also become curious about the iPhone and other mobile solutions from Apple. High generals and military researchers have cautiously try to begun a partnership with Apple.