Steve Ballmer don’t like iPhone

Steve Ballmer don’t like iPhone

Steve Ballmer are not happy

Steve Ballmer is not happy that iPhone are very popular by the employees at Microsoft, claiming that more than 10000 of the 100 000 employees, then ten percent.

It is widely known that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did not appreciate when employees choose something other than a mobile phone with Windows Phone (formerly known as Windows Mobile).

It is also said to Ballmer, in September last year must have pulled an iPhone out of the hands of a subordinate, put it on the floor and indicated that he had a mind to crush it.

In the same year at a meeting Steve has said the following “My father worked at Ford in Detroit, where it was obvious that the employees drove Ford”

In this context it may be time to recall the classic interview in 2007 when Mr. Ballmer laughing and waving away the iPhone’s chances in the mobile market.

He does not have enough today, according to the latest statistics, it appears that Apple now has 25.1 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, and Microsoft “only” has 15.7 percent.