Sony Ericsson is the new Swedish CEO Bert Nordberg…

has in a interviewer, made some strange statements. It seems that him and┬áSony Ericsson has not understood anything about today’s mobile market.

That he condemns the Iphone is fully in line with what Sony Ericsson had done since Apple started making mobiles.

“Shall some fuckers to newcomers come here and think they can make better phones than us,” was Sony Ericsson’s statement.

But the fact is that lots of buyers choose Iphone infront of Sony Ericsson’s mobile phones, the answer to this, according to SonyEricsson is, that they have younger buyers, this is a weird comment, today we see iPhone-users in virtually all ages.

Further says Bert Nordberg that he does not believe in Apple’s business model. Sales figures should tell their distinctive language on this point. Apple has only made money on their mobile phones since they started, 2007th.

Sony Ericsson has not earned any money but instead has made large loss and unemployed people, since 2007.

Looking forward to another apple product, iTunes, which has sold 7 billion songs, well, same thing can be said here. Sales figures should tell their distinctive language on this point.

But Bert Nordgren says one thing that I think many may agree with, iPhone is technically not as good than many other mobiles.

But not all agree with this. I do, and im using iPhone, and as I feel now, I will never change to another mobile operative system.

If the rest of the lead in the Sony Ericsson thinks that Bert Nordberg, and believe that customers think it is so important to be able to change the battery when the phone is old, than they will choose instead of Apple.