Social Media, do we really need it?

Social Media, do we really need it?

Are Social Media good or bad for us?

There is a lots of Social Media us there to keep contact between us. The biggest ones are of course Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapshot, Google+ and even a page like LinkedIn.

With all this media on our desktops, tablets and mobiles always around us, we definitive get more updates about each other.

But the first question must be…

Do we get valuable, and even correct status updates from our friends?

There have been lots if studies about how people acting on Social Media, and many of them tell us one thing… Lots of us is lie on the medias.

And then we of course have all mean-less status updates such as “Look what I’m eating mmmmm” or “Me and …… looking on TV” or one of my favourite “I just wake up” to name some of them.

My point is, on, and special Facebook, give us lots of unnecessary information, but is not only bad. Many time its helping people with questions and information. While you have other Social Media like LinkedIn that only give you information about you.

And the question Nr. 2. Do we need it?

The quick and simple answer is, NO… But

Lots of information is not only relevant for us to know, but one thing is for sure, it’s also give lots of contact, even if it’s only virtual contact.

Then there is all needed information that is spread quicker than any time before, and it have many time been proven priceless.

So what Social Media are we using?

There are hundreds and hundreds different Social Media, many of this is unknown, and used by very little people or only a small group.

Some of the big ones is…

Founded in February 2004, and don’t really need any explanation, is by far the biggest one out there. Often it have come in rapports that people start to leave this media, but is still growing.
In June 2016 there was 1.59 billion monthly active users.

Founded in March 2006, and it’s more a short message service, that only allow to add 140 characters. And for the moment there is no way to advertise your business, not yet, at least.
In June 2016 there was 320 million active monthly users.

Founded on December, 2002, and it’s a Social Media for professional networking. And is today available in 24 languages.
In June 2016 there was 400 million registered users.

Founded in October, 2010 and it’s a visual social media platform. Instagram have lots of different filters to make the photos and videos stand out. Instagram is now own by Facebook
In June 2016 there was 400 million active monthly users.

This is Googles platform, and they was late out, it was launched in December 2011, and never got to be that big success that Google aimed for. The value of SEO makes it a must-use any small business.
In June 2016 there was 418 million active monthly users.