Should we censor internet??

Should we censor internet??

Censor internet can never be good

A new proposal on how the U.S. authorities should censor internet may change a number of things in the future.

The document called “Internet Policy 3.0” suggests lawmakers that it is time that U.S. authorities stop leaving the internet alone.

Among the points raised and discussed how children’s privacy should be protected on the Internet.

Furthermore, also deals with things as cyber security, copyright protection and regulation of the content on the Internet.

Discussions on Internet Policy 3.0 is said to be flexible, but can result in new laws are written.

USA have before not interfear with internet, but according to Lawrence E. Strickling who is secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce and Department of Transport, it´s now time for authorities to adapt to the social changes the Internet has meant.

In the UK, a similar discussion with the name Digital Economy Bill to be approved in the British Parliament.

Digital Economy Bill has been criticized as making too great a claim on the users’ privacy in the hunt for violation of copyright protected material.

This sounds very good, but that this would stop everything that is illegal on the net, is a joke.

Music and film industry has put a lot of money and time to stop illigal downloading of copyrighted material, without any result.

No, I would recommend to all countries not to try to legislate the Internet, they are and will always be one step behind.