Richard Stallman condemns Google Chrome OS

Richard Stallman condemns Google Chrome OS

Open source icon Richard Stallman does not like Google’s web-based operating systems.

Google has start to demonstrated the Web-based operating system OS Chrome. But, Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, does not like what he sees.

According to Richard Stallman are Google forcing users into what he calls “senseless data management”, it writes The Guardian. The criticism is directed to that our information is stored on servers we do not control which may have unforeseen legal consequences.

Richard Stallman, says, we have as individuals a shelter if we store our information on our own private computer. We store information on our company’s computer, or in the cloud on Google’s servers then we are uprotected claims Stallman. Stallman also think that the problem will grow.

But Stallman thinks, many people will go against sensless data management, and say thet the user will be the losers.

The user that put their information in the cloud will give access to their information to any goverment to without presenting a remand order.