Oracle get $ 1,3 billion in damage fee from SAP

Oracle get $ 1,3 billion in damage fee from SAP

After eleven days trial, between SAP and Oracle, Oracle got a damages fee of $ 1.3 billion.

Damages amount is a huge blow to the German software company SAP. Which claims that damages should not exceed $ 40 million.

Oracles lawyers welcomed the decision, even if the amount was less than the 1.7 billion company claims in the negotiations.

SAP has said that they are very disappointed by this decision and will take all the available options and to appeal the court order if necessary.
An appeal can take a long time to process.

SAP has denied that their sub-company, Tomorrownow, illegally downloaded software from Oracles website.

At the beginning of the trial tried SAP offer a deal that they should pay the legal costs but that was declined

SAP has always said that they donĀ“t want to pay more than the actual losses suffered. Oracle has instead argued that SAP should pay the same amount that the licenses would have cost to use-

Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, said under questioning that it would cost SAP up to four billion dollars.