Opera Mini wants to take over the Web on the iPhone

Opera Mini wants to take over the Web on the iPhone

Norwegian Opera Mini has now been submitted to the App Store.

If Apple will approve a competitor Opera Mini for iPhones remains to be seen.

Analysts believe that Apple will stop Opera, so Apple can continue maintain control over the user’s surfing, say the news-agency Reuters.

Opera showed first up to Opera Mini for iPhone during the Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

The developers say it is “rocket fast.” and claims that Mini load Web pages up to six times faster than the Apple iPhone’s default browser Safari.

The developers say it’s because Opera do compress data by up to 90 percent before it is sent to your mobile.

This is an advantage, reducing costs for users that surf without a data plan with a fixed monthly fee, or if you use your iPhone abroad, says Opera.

Operas mini-browser is already available for several other mobile operating systems and will be available in more than 50 million handsets worldwide.

On Opera Mini’s page can you follow the time to see how long time ago it was submitted to iPhone for approve, this looks little like a PR-thing but quite cool if I can say that.