NSA… Can It Get Worse?

NSA… Can It Get Worse?

Big Brother, NSA listen on our talks.

The New York Times and the German Der Spiegel published this weekend reports claiming that the American government organization, NSA has infiltrated the Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

Huawei is the third largest producer of smartphones in the world, but is also a very large manufacturer of various network products

The reports are based on documents leaked by the whistle- blower Edward Snowden that claims that Huaweis headquarters in China have been hacked. he also claims that they have put in so-called back doors on several of Huawei’s network products that will make it possible to intercept traffic.

Huawei says in an e-mail to the IDG News that the company condemns NSA if it turns out that the information is correct.

The NSA have not comment on the article from IDG News, but says in a statement at the weekend that the organization focuses on foreign audiences, and also says that NSA’s activities are limited to only valid foreign companies or organizations that are of interest to our intelligence.

The report says that they has managed to put backdoor that are not only limited to Huawei, but also many of the networking products sold by the company worldwide. It is not clear from the reports how successfully they have been in their attempts.