A Russian student has managed to lay hands on the North Korea Red Star OS.

Which is a North Korea Linux distribution, So far, it’s only in a Korean language version.

It is the Russian site Russia Today, which reports on the North Korean Red Star OS. A person who calls himself Mikhail and studying at Kim Il-sung University has purchased a copy of the Linux distribution for five dollars, installed it and writing a review.

Mikhail describes Red Star OS as stable and easy to install. The user interface similar to Windows. An interesting detail is that the system clock based on the North Korean calendar, which this year is the year 99 under Jucheideologin, the North Korean state basic ideology.

The browser included is based on Firefox, and provides access to the closed North Korean part of the Internet.

This is not mine text, its translated from one artikle on idg.se, but i thought is was something that should be here…..