Today, Thursday, July 15 Motorola released their new smart phone Droid X.

First up in the U.S. to begin selling Droid X is in the U.S. operator Verizon Wireless. The Android-based handset has received good reviews after a series of previews.

With a 4.3-inch screen, good multimedia features and a relatively long battery life compared to many competitors. Although it is unlikely to be so Droid X comes up in sales levels for the iPhone, but it have been showing signs of a great interest in Motorola’s new mobile. Zeus Kerravala, who is an analyst at Yankee Group, says that the earier release of Droid X that is to use all the bad publicity Iphone 4.

Verizon has not been slow to exploit antenna problems of Iphone 4, as a consumer magazine Consumer Reports recently warned. In the ads, the company produced exclusively to Droid X “dual antennas” which allows the user to “hold the phone how you want” and use it from anywhere to call.

Given that the iPhone sold four of 1.7 million copies the first three days, it is clear that it is the product of focus when it comes to competitors. U.S. retailer Best Buy have stopped all advance orders, and Verizon Wireless expects that the mobile phone runs out of stocks.

Droid X are using the operating system Android 2.1, an one update to Flash 2.2 and 1.10 later this year.