According to Microsoft, so are the only one office suite, Office 365

One of Microsoft’s executives have said in a statement that their cloud on Office 365 is more business-aligned than Google.

Last month, Microsoft released Office 365 which includes Exchange and Sharepoint. The company denies that it has been designed to compete with Google’s web applications, but Eron Kelly as head of Microsoft’s department of marketing of enterprise applications, says that many corporate users have come to Microsoft after testing Google Apps.

– Googles Docs are missing important features, such as delegating access thats allows a user to handle your personal calendar. Although Active Directory integration is lacking, “says Kelly.
– I think Google has an interesting consumer service. They have given this service a  name and it makes people interested, “continues Kelly.

One of Google representatives, Andrew Kovacs dismiss such claims.
– The truth is that our business is accelerating and our re-investment rate of profits is greater than 90 percent. More companies are switching to Google than Microsoft.