744% increase in Mac OS X Virus in 2016.

Anybody that think that there don’t exist any Mac OS X Virus is very naive. And the increase of 744 percent in 2016 of viruses are proof of that.

Many Mac user still in the year 2017 sure that they are 100 percent safe when it comes to an infection. And that is wrong, and have always been. But to get infected for e.g. five years go close to impossible.

But now is different, even if it’s often adware, so it is not very dangerous. And that mean you got infected.

To clarify… Adware is malicious code that ensures that showing you advertising. It can be very annoying, but it is not directly harmful to either you or others on the same network.

So why is this happen now?

The number of Mac users has increased over the years. And according to Apple, there are now approximately 100 million Mac users worldwide. It means that developers of malicious code have started to take more interest in developing their shit for OS X.

It’s still harder to get infected on a Mac. It requires the users to choose to install files with infected code. The problem with this is that many Mac User doesn’t think there are any Mac OS X Virus. And therefore accept anything. Windows users have been affected for many years and are, therefore, more suspicious.

Protect you against Mac OS X Virus

The statistics show that Mac users need to consider an antivirus or at least start to think before clicking on everything. Even if I always have said that there are only one antivirus protection that works to 100 percent. Be careful, and use common sense and do not click on anything you not sure about.

Below I have listed some free antivirus software for your Mac. Myself, do not use any antivirus either on Mac, Windows or Linux. I use the “common sense one”, and it’s working perfectly for me.

And I will not either recommend any of the free software, as I have not tested any of them.