Are you gay and dreaming of a job at Google? It will be a good deal.

IT giant Google will pay its U.S. employees who are homosexuals (gay) higher salaries than those with heterosexual orientation.

They want to offset the higher taxes that lesbians and gay people under U.S. law need to pay. Google is already known to be a benevolent employer. Employees are offered free food and free laundry, medical treatment and five months’ maternity leave with full pay. Longer duration than many other U.S. companies offer their staff, according to The New York Times.
Besides all these benefits they are now raising the salaries for homosexuals.

When an employee’s partner is offered health insurance through the employer is a tax-free benefit – but only for married heterosexual couples. For homosexuals to the insurance benefit taxed. Therefore, will Google raise their salaries, to make their net income equivalent to heterosexual. On average, it becomes a rice of the wage 750 €/year.

The new wage was introduced after lifting one of Google’s hiring pointed out the injustice of the human resources manager Laszlo Boch. Still, he can not estimate how much it will cost the company.

While wages are increased for homosexuals also offered the same favorable parental leave as heterosexual couples. U.S. Google has 20 600 employees and still do not know how many people are affected by the new rules, but their internal gay-club has 700 members.