Google vs. China start to heat up

Google vs. China start to heat up

The war between Google vs. China continues

Google vs. China has gone on since January threatened China with that they want/are going to stop censorship of its search engine in the country.

On Monday, Google has now made seriousness of their threat and left to censor search results in China.

With the text “Welcome to Google China’s new home.” greeted visitors who are trying to reach then they are sent to Hong Kong-based With that, Google has now closed their Chinese search engine,

On the censors is not that hard as it is on the Chinese search engine. One example is that on can you find the famous image from Tiananmen Square, this is an example of material that Google has agreed to keep away from its users in China before.

It now remains to be seen whether users in China can reach or if this address will be blocked in the system that the government uses to control Internet access in the country.

The Chinese authorities have been in intense negotiations with representatives from Google and 12 January, Google announced that it no longer intends to put up on the Chinese regime’s requirements to filter search results, although if this would mean that the local search engine will be closed , or that Google must leave the country. It is believed that this decision is alleged to have been preceded by extensive intrusion attempts against Google and its users.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said that they always has insisted that the goal is to stay in China, but that it will not back from the requirement to remove the censorship from the search engine.

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