Google buy everything. Good or bad?

Google buy everything. Good or bad?

Google has bought up 8 companies since 9 November.

Of these 8 companies, the price of three escaped, and it is a sum of 805 million U.S. dollars, the price of the other 5 companies are not yet known.

So in just five months, Google has buy eight companies, and people have started talking about the takeover mania that hit the company during the golden year 2007, which ended the takeover of 16 companies purchased, and seven purchases were made in two months.

Fields characterizing the purchase of companies are particularly mobility and collaboration.

Here are all of Google’s company that recent have been bought, which began in November last year, For more information about the companies, click on the links.

Admob – a mobile advertising company. The company has developed online marketing solutions for both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, and the acquisition means that Google is seriously aimed at the mobile advertising market.

Gizmo5 – Gizmo5 delivers programs and services of IP telephony for both mobile phones and computers in a Skype-model, which allows users to make free calls over the Internet.

Tera Cent – is yet another ad company. The company offers the possibility of using algorithms to tailor ads and find just the right combination of color, image and text that makes the recipient clicks hungry.

Appjet – Appjet is a provider of co-grazing tool Etherpad, and was started by a few of  Google x-employes for only two years ago. The service offers similar functionality as Google’s own newly launched tool, Google Wave.

Aardvark – Is an alternative to the question-answer-service competitor, Yahoo Answers, and also to some extent an alternative to search engines.

Remail – E-mail reader Remail originally developed for Apple iPhone and was praised by users for its superior search functionality.

Picnik – Image Processing Tool Picnic lets users move their image processing to the cloud. The acquisition can be seen as an attack on Adobe, which in addition to its dominant software Photoshop also offers image enhancement on the net in simplified form.

Docverse – The purchase of Docverse is a frontal assault on Microsoft and discarded akon Office. Docverse offers namely Office users the ability to easily work together in the cloud.