Another site has been hacked, and this time is FriendFinder…

FriendFinder was hacked in October, but it has not been clear how much information on leaked accounts that has come out.

But LeakedSource, the site that give us info about hacked sites give us a numbers on hacked accounts that is out.

According to them, its millions account that have been hacked. Of this are 339 millions from Adult FriendFinder. Its said that this site is the biggest sex and swinger community.

Other sites under FriendFinder that have lost account details is (62 millions), (7 millions) and (1,4 millions). This is the big ones, and in total its over 412 millions.

All date that have come out in the hack, its encrypted. But Leakedsource mean that 99 percent are already unencrypted.

All of the hacked site using the un safe system, SHA1-algoritmen for “password hashtag”

Password hashtag = password that changed to beyond recognition with mathematical methods. Used when you do not want to store the password in plain text. Because the password would be able to go astray. Instead, you do a mathematical condensate (hash) of the password and store it.

So do you have any account on FriendFinder?

Or have had… According to Leakedsource , have some of the leaked accounts the word “Delete” which probably means that is also inactivated accounts that have been stolen in the hack.

FriendFinder have not yet confirmed the leak. But if it show that this is true and the number is right, this will be a bigger hack than MySpace earlier this year. Then it was “only” 360 millions account details that was leaked.

FriendFinder deserve all critic they get. For the first, there should not be any information from deleted accounts. And of course the worst of everything is that I site in this size still use such an unsafe encryptions as SHA1-algoritmen