Firefox will now starts with silent updates

Firefox will now starts with silent updates

Silent updates in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla comes with a function for silent updates in the next version of Firefox.

It means that the browser automatically updated to the latest version without the user need to do anything.

This functionality will be included in the next version of Firefox, version 4. But only for the Windows version of the browser. According to Mozilla, Mac and Linux will still get updates like today.

It will it be possible to set the silent update to active or not.  For Windows users who want to retain control over whether an update should be done or not.

But for the really big updates, such as from version 4.0 to 4.5, the browser will still ask for permission, regardless of settings, said Alex Faaborg, developers of Mozilla in a forum post.

Unlike Google’s Chrome, which started the trend by removing the end-user from updating equation, September 2008 has no way to turn this off.