Biggest change in 30 years for the hard disc

Biggest change in 30 years for the hard disc

Is this a revolution of our hard disc

In 2011, the new hard disc were to reach the market. The new format represents the biggest change among the hard drives of 30 years.

The format is different in the size of each block, the current block has a size of 512 bytes, while the new standard has 4 kb.

This will make the hard disk to be more effective, and that space can be used in a more optimized way.

But for people that still running Windows XP or other older OS. This new format was planned after Windows XP was released.

Other operating system like Vista, Windows 7, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and some versions of Linux are already prepared for the new disk format.

The older OS, however, will work with the new disk format, but you have to use a so-called emulation, but this will lead to a reduction in performance of up to 10% of disk access.