Microsoft Bing search engine is growing

Microsoft Bing search engine is growing

Will we one day see, Microsoft Bing pass Google?

After several months of stagnation, the Microsoft Bing has grown marginally at the expense of Google. Bing is still well behind Google in terms of market share and is currently the third biggest search engine after Google and Yahoo. In June, however, Bing grew more than Google in the U.S. market.

Microsoft Bing, who celebrated the first anniversary of the end of May this year saw an increase from May to June from 12.1 percent to 12.7 percent market share. During the same period.

Google lost its foothold slightly from 63.7 percent to 62.6 percent of the market. Like Microsoft Bing, was Yahoo also increased slightly in June and went from 18.3 percent to 18.9 percent of the market compared with May.

According to research firm ComScore U.S. Internet users did 16.4 billion Internet searches in June, an increase of three percent the previous month.

Microsoft Bing was launched in late May last year and is a revised version of Microsoft’s previous search engine, Live Search. Microsoft increased its market share slightly after the launch of Bing, but has since not been a major threat to Google or Yahoo.

According to industry analysts, so most users choose Google as a result of habit, and it takes a lot for them to change the search service.