Apple Vs. Google

Apple Vs. Google

War between Apple Vs. Google will properly never ends

For some time ago its started again, between Apple Vs. Google.

Apple sent requests on 20 potential patent states that have been done by HTC Android system.

Patent infringement is alleged to have been made in the iPhone hardware and software. Apple writes, for example, the finger used to unlock phones with the operating system Android is stolen from the Iphone. P

hones that would infringe the patent Appels include Nexus One and HTC Hero.

HTC has not commented on this before. But during an interview with CEO Jason Mackenzie, Jason says the following:

“HTC strongly disagrees with Apple’s allegations. We will use all legal tools we have to both defend ourselves and to correct any misunderstandings. We feel confident in  our innovation and our ability to defend ourselves in this case. “

Exactly how the company intends to defend itself will Jason do’t says anything about, but Jason, have mentions that a written formal statement will show up sometime in the next few weeks.

Furthermore, said Jason Mackenzie, that it took some time depending on the HTC was taken by surprise by the allegations, business representatives found out of whats happened when the press called.

Analysts have speculated about a posteriori that this, really is an indirect attack from Apple to Google underlying operating system in most of the phones in question.

Google was when it came to light, quick to say that the company stands behind HTC and Android.