40 Million Canon EOS sold

40 Million Canon EOS sold

Canon have sold 40 million EOS-cameras.

EOS stands for Electro Optical System, but is also the Greek name of the dawn goddess. The production of  Canon EOS, started in 1987 and total production is therefore now more than 40 million units, which EOS digital models stands for half, 20 million.

Here you can see the history of the  EOS system:

  • 1987 produced the first EOS SLR – EOS 650 – Canon’s plant in Fukushima, Japan
  • 1997, production of EOS cameras passed the 10 million copies.
  • 2003 reached 20-million mark.
  • 2007  Celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the EOS series, and also reached 30-million mark.
  • 2009, The company’s 50 millionth EF lens was produced.
  • 2010 April, Canon reached the current 40 million milestone.

Notable is that the company sold in the first 10 years, 10 millions EOS-system between, 6 years after (2003) the reach 20 million, 4 years after (2007) reaching 30 millions. And only 3 years after that (2010) reach 40 million, so what will it take to reach 50 million? 2 years……or less?