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My name is Pedro and Im working (full time) as webdeveloper and designer sinnce 2009.

Im intresting in computer, web and designe, and one of my other page MallorcaGraphics is entirely devoted to my various design jobs and photos.

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Will Nokia-phoned with windows system every be a big seller?

I have all system (except Rim) android, iOS and a Windows-phone. I must say that the system is good, its also very quick, even on a less strong telephone, opposite to special Android system, where you need to choose between cheep phone with an old Android version or an expensive phone, to run the latest version.

Nokia-phone have always been and still are a good phone, but today is the system that’s run on the phone more important. And as long there are lots of apps that’s not created by Windows phones it will never be a really treat to Android or iOS.
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There are 3 ways to get likes to your Facebook Fanpage, but there is only one way thats good

One way, and the cheepest and the most easy… There is a couple of pages where you can buy likes, but its NOT approved of Facebook and the likes dont have any valued. The other one is to advertise on facebook, you set your daily budget and can even set location, intrest and age, the likes thats come this way have more valued.

I often try to explain to costumer, that you should NEVER have a personal facebook for your business (always FanPage), and is not a question about how many like you have. The only things thats conting is how many see or/and interact with your post.
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RIPnexusGoogle will ending their hardware manufacturing

This means that the popular Nexus series will be discontinued. Google will Instead put their focus on cleaning up Android from additional manufacturers.

With this act, Google are back to where they started, and are now back to just doing software.

This is not confirmed from Google, this is coming for the twitter user @evleaks – which almost has proven to have the correct information.
He have tweet following tweets: “there will be no Nexus 6, farewell, Nexus” “Do not worry, there’s a silver lining in this cloud” and “Android Silver, circa February 2015″
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