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My name is Pedro and Im working (full time) as webdeveloper and designer sinnce 2009.

Im intresting in computer, web and designe, and one of my other page MallorcaGraphics is entirely devoted to my various design jobs and photos.

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SensetiveDataSince the first day we start using computers to add records of persons this have been an recurring question…

What should we classed as sensitive data when it comes to individuals, where should the limit be, how much should we save in this registers and how should this be dealt with?

In Sweden has the highest administrative court, on appeal, given permission to 2 different companies to keep records of their employees and job seekers… And that’s because it was done, by using Word and Excel for this… Continue reading

PiracyEnd of the December I was writing about The Pirate Bays return or not return. But even if The biggest torrent site on the web is closed, illegal downloading of copyright material will not stop.

People and organizations that have copyright material, daily ask Google to take down links from their search list. The amount of this have increase over the years, 2008 Google have a total of 62 requests, to unbelievable more than 345 million request year 2014
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dont-iphoneDo you plan to buy a new iPhone?

Then mayby you should wait. There are romus that Apple soon will come out with new iPhones modells, such like iPhone 6S and Ipad 7 or Air 3 will be launched soon.

Apple has been very successful with their latest smartphones. It´s not more than a couple of months ago that iPhone 6 and & 6 Plus was released, and with this two models, Apple has sailed up the throne as the 2014 best-selling technology gadget… Again
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IE-deadHave Microsoft decide to bury their web browser, Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is one of the most hated browsers when it comes to web developers. And rightly so. Earlier when we did websites, they had often problems with getting everything to work and look the same as on the other browsers.

This has gotten much better over the years. But Internet Explorer still has a very bad reputation.
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piratebayIs now more than 18 days since The Pirate Bay, the world biggest torrent-site went down, after a police razzia. And many think this is the end for The Pirate Bay.

For some time when you use you came to a blank page. But for some time ago the URL is live again. Not with any torrent… yet, or?
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