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My name is Pedro and Im working (full time) as webdeveloper and designer sinnce 2009.

Im intresting in computer, web and designe, and one of my other page MallorcaGraphics is entirely devoted to my various design jobs and photos.

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Gravityform-140x140WordPress is a plattform thats growing for every year, and with this the amount of the plugins goes the same way.

But if you gonna create a form of any kind, then there are actually only ONE plugin that you should work with, and thats Gravity Forms from RocketGenius.

With Gravity form you can create forms in any way, with their form editor you add the different block with “drag n dropp”. There are lots of blocks, and each block have its own settings, and where its needed you have lots of pre-sorted CSS classes that easily can be added to change the layout of your form.

Some things cant be done in a practical way with a normal form builder, but with Gravity forms different add-ons can you easly do polls, survey, user registration, quiz and lots of other things. Last, but very importan, the documentation is fantastic and its tranlated to many, many language.

Gravity form can be purched in 3 licence, Personal, Business and Develope.


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pay-monthlyAdobe, with there creative suite and Microsoft office 365 have it already, but the fact is that More and more company goes to monthly or yearly pay.

So who is this good for, the user or the company? Well both actually.

For the company is a big increase in sales and profit. The sell the software cheaper, but the cost to get it out to the clients are very low, because mostly or if not all is as a download.
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win8vswn10Why are all people complain about the missing / changed start bottom in windows 8?

I think it mostly comes to people don’t or are afraid of too big changes, and with a first look it looks too complicated to learn the new way or system. It’s little like when Facebook make a changes, and everybody goes wild and ask to put it back as it was, but after a while almost everybody is happy with the changes.
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iphone vs. androidThe discussion between Android and iPhone user are a ridicules, and for the people in my age take the thoughts to the early 80:th when you was added to a category depending if you liked the groups Sweet/kizz or the music style synth or rock/hard rock

I have used both systems…
Just now I’m using Android 4.4 on a One Plus One phone and iOS 8.1 on my iPad. Both system have their “ups and down”. So its comes down to what system you prefer.

When it comes to the phones…
Well iPhone is an expensive phone, and there is only one model. That’s have been upgraded. Compare with Androids that’s have lots of brands and models in all different prices.
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